Wearing your Retainers after Treatment is Non-negotiable– Here’s Why

Wearing your Retainers after Treatment is Non-negotiable– Here’s Why

Every tooth in your mouth is surrounded by flexible ligaments. They’re under the gums, so you can’t see them. But if you bite down and grind from side to side (don’t overdo it) you’ll feel your teeth move slightly in the gums.

These ligaments work like bungee cords. They absorb shock during biting and chewing. 

You can pull them, but then they spring back into place. 

Your teeth WANT to go back to their original position. It’s where they think they belong. They can take up to a year or more to get “used to” their new position. 

So wearing your retainers for the first year after treatment is critical.

Orthodontics will bring your teeth into alignment for a beautiful smile– but that’s not the only purpose of treatment.

Your teeth have peaks and valleys, and it’s crucial to ensure they fit together properly. When your lower teeth fit correctly with your upper teeth, you’re much less likely to experience cracking or chipping.

By preventing these issues before they start, ortho treatment can save you thousands of dollars and many hours in the dental chair. 

But only if you do your part.

Your retainers will hold your teeth in place. For the first few months after treatment, you’ll wear them all the time unless you’re eating or drinking. We’ll let you know when you can switch to nighttime only. Every patient is different, so if your friend stopped wearing retainers after a few months, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should too.

We see many patients who are getting braces/Invisalign for the second time. Without exception, they wish they had gotten it right the first time.

You want a permanently improved smile. Not one that lasts a couple of years and then you’re back where you started.

Straightening your teeth and then skipping the retainers is akin to going to the gym every day for 6 months, getting in fabulous shape- and then never lifting a weight again.

Make sure you follow instructions and wear your retainer as directed. 

Because as much as we enjoy your company, we don’t want to see you again once your treatment is complete.

Unless, of course, you’re bringing donuts and coffee.

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