What the SmileDirectClub Closure Means for Orthodontic Care

What the SmileDirectClub Closure Means for Orthodontic Care

The recent news that SmileDirectClub would be ceasing all operations has caused a large ripple in the orthodontic field.

It underlines the problems associated with tele-orthodontics and the benefit of orthodontic care in-person with a dedicated professional.

Consequences of the Shutdown 

SmileDirectClub abruptly discontinued operations last month as reported by CBC. They announced that all orders had been cancelled, support for existing patients was being terminated, and information regarding refunds would not be forthcoming until after the next stages of their bankruptcy process. Existing patients who wanted to continue treatment were encouraged to consult with their local dentist or orthodontist.  

This leaves SmileDirectClub’s existing patients in limbo. With no support during orthodontic treatment, the risk of complications and adverse outcomes increases. An orthodontic patient should have their treatment evaluated regularly to ensure everything is progressing normally and make necessary adjustments.  

The Limitations of At-Home Orthodontics 

The collapse of SmileDirectClub highlights the shortcomings of at-home (or do-it-yourself / DIY) orthodontic care. The promise of at-home care is convenience and cost-effectiveness. However, the inherent risk of this approach is the complexities and needs of each individual patient are often overlooked. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to orthodontic care. Each patient is unique and requires individual attention. The lack of personalized supervision can cause unintentional oversight of complex dental issues, resulting in suboptimal outcomes or, worse, be detrimental to your oral health.

Tooth movement is not straightforward and requires precise planning to achieve. Clear aligner therapy often requires the use of attachments bonded to your teeth that aligners can use for extra surface area to grip the tooth and apply a pushing force to move it. This is a feature not offered by SmileDirectClub aligners, making them very limited in what it can achieve.

What is the Path Forward for SmileDirectClub Patients?

SmileDirectClub encouraged existing patients to consult with their local dentist or orthodontist. We would encourage affected patients to reach out to a trusted provider for an evaluation. At our office we create customized treatment plans for every patient considering their unique dental needs. We provide regular ongoing care to ensure you are meeting your smile goals. As specialists, we also take on complex cases that require comprehensive solutions. 


The closure of SmileDirectClub leaves many patients in a difficult situation.

We want to make ourselves available to help anyone in our community who is affected. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our team to explore treatment options and determine what solution works for you.

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