Can Braces Give You a Stunning Smile? Only if You Do This

Did you know your orthodontist won’t start treatment if you’re not keeping your teeth clean at home? We sometimes have to tell patients to step up their home care and come back in a month. Our expert orthodontists can transform your appearance and your oral health. When you can smile with confidence, you’ll feel more […]

Wearing your Retainers after Treatment is Non-negotiable– Here’s Why

Every tooth in your mouth is surrounded by flexible ligaments. They’re under the gums, so you can’t see them. But if you bite down and grind from side to side (don’t overdo it) you’ll feel your teeth move slightly in the gums. These ligaments work like bungee cords. They absorb shock during biting and chewing.  […]

What the SmileDirectClub Closure Means for Orthodontic Care

The recent news that SmileDirectClub would be ceasing all operations has caused a large ripple in the orthodontic field. It underlines the problems associated with tele-orthodontics and the benefit of orthodontic care in-person with a dedicated professional. Consequences of the Shutdown  SmileDirectClub abruptly discontinued operations last month as reported by CBC. They announced that all […]

The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Timing is everything when it comes to your child’s orthodontic treatment. Some problems can be corrected before the adult teeth erupt or be prevented from worsening. This is called “Early” or “interceptive” treatment, which is minor treatment that is completed while some baby teeth are still present. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that […]

How to Clean Invisalign Aligners: Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts 

When wearing Invisalign throughout the day, the aligners will collect plaque just like your teeth. It’s important to have a good hygiene and aligner cleaning routine to keep them looking their best. Luckily, keeping your aligners clean is very simple if you use the following methods as a part of your oral hygiene routine. (1) […]

Invisalign First™ – Are Aligners Suitable for Children?

Invisalign aligners are an appealing option for many people. They have ideal aesthetics, easy removal for brushing and flossing, and minimal dietary restrictions. Aligners are great for adults, but are they suitable for children? Traditional Phase 1 Treatment Many children have developing malocclusions that require correction of their bite in the primary dentition while there […]

Considering Orthodontics? 3 Things You Need to Know Before You Start

No one likes to feel self-conscious about their teeth. Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or just starting high school, you deserve to feel confident and self-assured. At Glo Orthodontics, we go beyond straight teeth.  From the moment we meet you, we’ll look at your facial features and the curvature of your lips, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Invisalign Braces

Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to wearing Invisalign can make a difference. Follow the simple guidelines to help contribute to an easier Invisalign journey with an ideal outcome.  Do’s of Invisalign Treatment #1 Wear Time Invisalign aligners will work if you wear them. For ideal effectiveness, aligners should be worn […]

What Type of Orthodontic Treatment Should I Choose

Orthodontic treatment can make a significant change someone’s smile, so it’s important forpatients to carefully consider their options before making a decision. At Glo OrthodonticsBedford we have three options for orthodontic treatment are traditional braces, Invisalign, andLightForce braces. Each has its own unique pros and cons. Traditional Braces Traditional braces are the most common type […]

Please let us help you choose an orthodontist. 

Hopefully, you will wonder “where should you go for my or my child’s orthodontic treatment”. After all, orthodontic treatment, either braces or Invisalign, is all the same, right?  Nothing could be further from the truth. Your orthodontic results and the experience, can vary depending on the orthodontic provider you choose. Certainly, to make that decision […]